Design Ideal Ventilation Simple and Unique. Special ventilation holes in the house to live like a window, required at least 5 percent of the area of ​​the room. Wind flow is also influenced by the obstacles that are in the middle of the room. For example, the greater the furniture that stands between cross-ventilation, the more kinetic energy is also reduced and wind speed. Thus, avoid putting large objects between cross ventilation which can inhibit air circulation.

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Staircase Design Minimalist, Unique and Simple. Staircase can be used as a storage place, the area under your stairs can also be maximized. For example as a bathroom, a desk, kitchen sets, cabinets and storage. To add this functionality, you should consider this new functionality as needed space nearby.

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Pot Design for Beautify Small House. To begin with, there are a few simple considerations before you choose your potted plants :

* Consideration of the area
In the window of the house, for example, can be enhanced by putting a few potted plants on the sides. Because the area is tiny, you also need a plant that is also tiny.

Plant flowers can be one alternative. Only, you are expected to be more diligent to cut it or move it to another pot to keep a neat appearance. If the area is still quite large, you can use other plant species, such as betel leaf or a fruit crop.

* Consideration of lifestyle
Select plants that suit the climate and air your lifestyle. If you include people who travel a lot and have a high activity, you should choose tropical plants such as cactus. Plants of this type requires little water. The shape is also diverse with beautiful colors to support the interior of the house.
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Design a room with stone and wood. For those of you who like to design the room of your house with stone and wood materials maybe you could use this as a reference.

may be useful
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Roman  blinds or Curtains Folding  Design. Folding  curtains suitable for  thin and long windows. Window like this being applied in a small house. How it works is similar to the type of curtain roller curtain. Only, when drawn shall not form scrolls to the top, but the folds of the compound.

Roman blinds require a special rail that serves as a place to hang while controlling. Small, but the curtain has a large selection of colors, patterns, and diverse materials.

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